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I now know this click and drag is kind of glitchy, robots had human sparklings, and Decepticons where in the Elite Guard.(Double agent?) So I have decided to try again with a better set up. The Autobot click and drag, so you can go and try that :D

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    Your Type: Robot (yeah! :D) Loves You: Sentinel Prime (NEVER! NEVER! NOT IN A BILLION YEARS!) Your Side: Neutral (I’m...
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    Type: Half-organic (can I be a cat?) Side: Undecided (but I wanna be a Decepticon…) Bounty Hunter (Cool) Loves me:...
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    Type: Half Organic Side: Autobot Academy Bot Loves you: Hot Shot Sparkling of: Starscream Jetfire/Jetstorm
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    According to this, I’m a Decepticon Elite Guard
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    Ok, then let’s see… Human (ok that’s a little disappointing lol) Neutral Elite Guard (an EG neutral? Okie dokie) Loves...
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    love these…xD :3 Robot, Autobot, rank...Elite Guard, Sentinel Prime loves me (awk), child...
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    Type: Robot (I am a Robot do do dodo) Neutral (Yaaaay I can be friends with everyone ~♥) The Elite Guard (….hmmm I can a...
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    Your Type: Human Your Side: Neutral Your Rank: Elite Guard Loves You: Hot shot Sparkling of…: Ultra Magnus Best Friend:...
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    I’m a half organic-autobot-bounty hunter who loves no one (Because shut up) who’s the child of Ultra Magnus,who’s best...
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    I’m an undecided clone, yet somehow I managed to get into the Elite Guard. Prowl’s totally crushing on me, I’m the...
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    doing this cause I think Bekah would enjoy the results Clone, Neutral, Bounty Hunter Prime, Starscream, Optimus
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    Type: Half Organic (Hookaay, guess I dig this!) Your Side: Decepticon (NO! I DON’T WANNA) Your Rank: Army Rank (OMG,...
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    Type: Robot Undecided Megatron army ranks (how can I be undecided then?) Loves you: Prowl (YES I am ok with this)...
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